On longhand vs. typing

I know. Most of my favorite writers swear by it. Writing longhand.

Neil Gaiman. Wayne Dyer. Julia Cameron. Neale Donald Walsch. Steven Pressfield. I could go on…

All write longhand and swear by it.

They say the written word is perfect for ideas to flow out onto the page. And that the computer should only be used for editing.

Well, I’ve tried hand writing. It’s nice and all. But it also kind of sucks. My wrist starts to hurt. And, it’s slow. So certain ideas and thoughts escape me before they make it onto the page safely.

I have no tolerance for anything that stands between me and the work.

This is why I like the keyboard. Everything makes it onto the page for the first draft. The route from brain to page is almost unhampered.

I will say, it IS sometimes too easy to delete with the keyboard, though. With handwriting, you can scratch things out, but you can still see them if you decide later to use them. So be careful with the delete button (in Draft, you can set it to Hemingway mode and it won’t let you delete — problem solved).

One day, I’d love to give the written word a solid chance. But right now, I’m sticking with the keyboard.

Sorry, writing greats.

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