Do you trust?

Do you trust yourself to just… start? To just go — No plan, no preparation, no certainty of outcome?

Do you trust yourself to leap into the abyss?

Do you trust that you’ll take the next step, and the next, and the next as well as you can?

Do you trust that whatever blocks and barricades come up will be either diverted or used for your greater good?

Do you trust that, even if you fall on your face, you’ll get right back up, dust yourself off, and keep moving with a battle-hardened determination?

Do you trust that those moments of failure are only really failures if you stop moving forward?

Do you trust that it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be?

Do you trust that it’s never as good as you think it’s going to be?

Do you trust the fact that, if you’re reading this, you’ve faced your worst fears and have made it this far?

Do you trust that — even if you have battle scars — you’re here, you’re alive, and that’s fine?

Do you trust that where you’re sitting RIGHT NOW is the perfect starting point as opposed to any other time and place?

Do you trust that your consciousness expands according to the challenges it faces and that only by showing up in a big way will you see what you’re truly made of?

Do you trust that your soul is perfectly happy in its present incarnation and all it wants to do is live fully and freely?

Do you trust yourself to stop waiting? To stop wanting? And to stop hoping?

Do you trust yourself to realize its greatness and to start living from a place of conviction and truth?

Do you trust that the only person you must convince is yourself?

Do you trust?

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