On becoming an energetic match to the highest idea of ourselves

Photo: Blair Fraser - http://bit.ly/1J2e2sa

by Jonas Ellison

When I was a kid, I was always in-costume.

I started as a firefighter, then progressed to the usual suspects of Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. I advanced from superheroes to more abstract characters like a Ghostbuster, Mork (from Mork and Mindy), the Greatest American Hero (believe it or not, Iiiiii’m walking on air, I never thought I could feel so freeee — eeee — eeee), and, you guessed it, an exorcist.

I remember the growth period from idea to embodiment to be extremely quick. One minute, I’m watching the end credits of Ghostbusters. The next minute, I’ve employed my mom to stitch a hand-made felt Ghostbuster patch on the arm of my thermal underwear onesie as I dig out the chemical sprayer with wand that resembles a proton gun. Within the hour, I’m taking out ghosts by the dozen with my friend across the street.

As kids, these urges to not only think about, but become, these higher ideas of ourselves are naturally and quickly embodied. We almost instantly become energetic matches to these higher ideas about ourselves, no matter how unrealistic and outlandish they are.

The ideas don’t stay dormant for very long. They promptly move to the imagination where they take shape. We soon feel it in our bones. We can’t wait. We dress the part. We radiate it. We are it. It’s our Being.

I am the man on the flying trapeze. I am… Flying.

I am an energetic match to the highest idea of myself. Donning a cape, I slide around the kitchen floor on my socks with a sweaty plastic Batman mask on and battle evil forces all the way down the stairs.

I’m older now. Quite a bit. I no longer hold Batman or Spiderman as higher ideas of myself (well, only when I’m watching the movies). But I have a whole store house of higher ideas about myself lying dormant inside. Great ideas I’d love to embody in my life.

But that’s all they are. Dormant. Inactive.

Damn, now that I look, there’s a whole slew of them…

As adults, we become convinced through years and years of dealing with “well-meaning” friends, family, authority figures, and clergy members that these higher ideas about ourselves are unrealistic and unworthy of our acting on.

An idea is nothing if it stays an idea. In order to bring these higher ideas to life, I must become an energetic match to them.

I want to return to the enthusiasm and unbridled action I had when I was a kid. I know in my bones that these things are calling me. It’s me, my mind, that’s proclaiming that they’re unrealistic. I’ve accepted it.

Well, now, I’m dispelling it.

In order to become these things, I must become an energetic match to them. I must raise my enthusiasm and joie de vivre up to the levels that these ideas demand in order to sprout and grow into physical form.

I must be before I can see.

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

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