The calming effect of exposed brick

A five-photo narrative

I had to get out of the house this morning.

Sometimes, I can do work at the end of our kitchen counter. A little disturbance from the little girl human is fine. But today, she was on fire.

This is my favorite coffee shop in Reno.

It’s called Coffee Bar.

People get shit done here. It’s as much a co-working space as it is a coffee shop.

But the coffee is fantastic. It’s hard to find a good cup of coffee these days. Which is weird because everywhere you look, a new coffee shop seems to be opening up.

You can go to Starbucks and get coffee that tastes muddy and charred like it’s been sitting at the bottom of a percolator all day (I will say, I love the consistency of Starbucks — they always have WiFi and you know what you’re going to get, every time.

Or you can go to one of the hipster craft coffee shops and get coffee that tastes like dark tea.

This place has coffee that tastes like good, old fashioned coffee. Robust but smooth. Perfect.

Plus, not many things make me happier than exposed brick.

This is a $20 candle. I bought it for Alex.

Hanging right below it is toilet paper.

Below that, out of the shot, is our toilet.

This frustrates me. I didn’t buy a $20 candle to mask the smell of feces.

It should be in her office or next to her side of the bed. She should meditate over it, smell the scent as she does her homework, or write in her diary to its flame.

This, right here, is a task for Glade. Not Makana. Just saying.

Remember what I was saying about the exposed brick earlier? Well, here it is again.

This is our new office. I’m extremely stoked.

It’s where I’ll be starting my day every morning.

I’m over-the-moon proud of Alex. She built her company from 8 clients to over 60 in just over a year while getting her masters and raising a fiery little girl.

She helps teens plan for college or whatever it is they want to do after high school — no, it’s not always college.

I wish I would have had her services when I was in high school.

I’m her director of marketing. My job is to bring the right kind of students through those doors.

I don’t really like most bars in Reno. They make me nervous.

Too many TV’s, too much cheap beer and liquor, and pool isn’t my game.

I’m more of a restaurant bar kind of guy.

But Alex and I are here for lunch. Plus, it continues the exposed brick theme.

This place — Our Bar — has awesome food. It’s actually a nice place this time of day.

Our new office is next door on the top floor. Alex’s old office is in the co-working space — The Reno Collective — across the street.

We’re in the part of downtown Reno called ‘Startup Row’ because of all the new businesses that grow out of and surround the Collective.

This is the house next door to ours. It’s an accountant’s office. He’s a nice dude.

This is his parking space. It’s empty. Been mostly empty since April 16th.

We’ve lived here for 7 months, so I think I have a lock on the typical schedule of a CPA:

March 1st — April 15th (46 days of the year): 6 days a week, 8am — 10pm.

April 16th — March 1st (319 days of the year): 5 days a week (maybe), 8am — noon.

Not bad for government work.

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