Image Credits: Michael Baird: http://bit.ly/1HZlHqE

by Jonas Ellison

I’m in a sail boat.

On a desert lake.

With no breeze.

I’ve tried rowing. But rowing is tedious. Daunting. And it doesn’t get me far.

Besides, I came here to sail…

Not to row.

I’m here to catch the breeze. To feel the wind carry me away. To harness this incredible force and play with it.

I yearn for the feeling of gliding on a sheet of water, sails fully charged, blazing full-steam ahead.

Hair blown back.

Adrenaline surrendering to hyperawareness.

Flying at the speed of nature.

There’s still no wind.

For now, I’ll just sit and enjoy the view from the middle of this beautiful lake.

I’ll kick my heels up and enjoy the temporary stillness of this moment.

Maybe I’ll row around and check out different coves and beaches.

I’ll breathe in the fresh air that rests still on the water.

Because I know, soon enough, a breeze will appear.

And when it does, I’ll be ready.

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