The birth of the ‘plog’

A narrated photo log of the most wonderfully average afternoon

Yesterday afternoon, I got the hankering, yes, I said ‘hankering’, to do something creative. Sounds scary, I know, but we’ll see how this plays out.

What I wanted to do is take pictures throughout my day and compile them for a narrated Medium story. I’m calling it a ‘plog’ because it’s like a ‘vlog” (video blog), but with pictures, instead.

It all started in the back yard…


We have a nice, big back yard. Plenty of grass. Plenty of toys for her to play with…

But she insists. On playing. In the compost pile.

No, we haven’t taken the time/money/energy to build a proper compost pile. This thing was here when we moved in and all we’ve done is added to it. It’s just a big pile in our back yard mostly consisting of leaves and grass clippings.

To her left (your right) is a spent coffee filter that’s been decomposing for quite some time. I’m sure if we were to look at it under a microscope, we’d see an armageddon of microbes and bug-like organisms.

Shortly after taking this picture, I caught her with it in her mouth and had to remove her from the pile.

(Shot creatively on an iPhone 4s from the perspective of a gopher)

Our back yard has recently been taken over by dandelions.

It probably doesn’t help that I just taught Rory how to pick them and blow the seeds everywhere. As cool of an effect this is, and as joyous as it makes her, I’m sure it’s spread these bad boys like wildfire.

This is my janky contraption that I work out on while Rory is knee-deep in the above-mentioned compost pile (which I’ve since had to move her out of several times).

It’s a strap that I threw over the branch that I’ve fastened my TRX suspension thingy to. I can get a solid bodyweight-powered workout in pretty quickly. No weights necessary.

Well, the only weight is Rory when she comes and hangs on my legs while I’m doing pull-ups or sits on my back while I’m doing push-ups.

I used to get frustrated at her for this. Now, I see it as added resistance.

Love this thing.

Check out my photo skills. I snapped this shot,

and got the tennis ball in flight=>

Yep, that’s my ghetto pitch-back board. We don’t have what all the rich kids have — those fancy nets. Nope. We use particle board.

It’s getting out of control now. She’s back in the compost pile and is covered in muck and decomposing waste.

I need to buy this young lady a sandbox.

But for now, time to go for our daily walk…

Here we go… Our first stop…

We live across the street from this house. It’s a beautiful stone house that’s perfectly manicured.

But I’ve never once seen anyone enter or exit it.

I occasionally see a shiny, black Mercedes SUV parked outside, and I’ve seen some lights on, but I’ve never seen anyone who occupies this space.

I don’t know if it’s an office or a home.

I’m guessing it’s a home because I’ve seen groceries on the counter and coats hanging up and a TV on at night (no, I don’t creepily gaze in the windows — well, kinda — I mostly just intensely glance in as I walk by sometimes, or all the time.

I kind of want to write a story based on this house. I feel like it’s a Swedish hitman who lives here. Why Swedish? I don’t know. I guess it reminds me of a house I’d see in that movie, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. That’s a Swedish movie, right?

Does Sweden even employ hitmen, though? I’m not sure. I’m not sure if they even have a military. They GOTTA have an intelligence agency, though.

Moving on…

Right now, I want to point out these clouds. Thunder-bumpers.

Most people hate them. I love them because I love clouds and rain and inclement weather of all kinds. We don’t get enough out here.

Only problem is when the rain doesn’t accompany the lightning and shit burns down. With as dry as it is these past few years, that could very well happen.

We’ll try to beat the thunderstorm back to the house. But we’re not turning back now…

The mission for this walk is to head to Junkee Clothing Exchange and buy some sunglasses. Every summer I buy a new pair of cheap-ass sunglasses because I know that, by October, they’ll either be severely scratched or lost.

But first, we’re going to walk about a 3-mile loop before getting there.

The challenge is to keep Rory patient, who happens to be on my back right now in her pack.

I love our neighborhood. We live in a part of Reno called the Old Southwest. It’s made mostly of old brick and adobe bungalows built in the early 1900's.

It’s quaint. And quiet. Reminds me of the neighborhoods back east. Also reminds me of the neighborhood in the classic movie, Halloween. The original one. Not the lame ones after that.

Old Americana. Big sidewalks. Big trees. Crazy beautiful in the fall. Hard to find these neighborhoods in this part of the country.

And great for walking with a 25lb. toddler strapped to your back.

Here’s that big sidewalk I was talking about… Love it.

Here’s me and the monkey. She’s loving it right now and we’re a solid 1.5-miles in. I think we might make it.

What you can’t see here is that she bounces maniacally and gallops like she’s riding a horse.

I am no horse and this makes for incredibly difficult walking. But it fantastic for your core.

Still no thunderstorms…

This. Is not. Our house…

We had to reroute…

The monkey grew incredibly feisty. Her gallop turned into a violent thrashing and shreiking.

People looked at me like I was kidnapping her. I’m pretty sure CPS is watching me now.

Time to head home. We’ll have to hold out until tomorrow to get the sunglasses.

2.5 miles. No blood. A little screaming, but no biggy. Thunderstorms never quite materialized here in the valley. And we’re home. Safe and sound.

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