Welcome to the ‘Old Archive’

In the spring of 2015, I was a burned out copywriter with a newborn child who was allergic to sleep. I needed an outlet to keep my creative juices flowing and provide an escape from writing endless boring ‘products & services’ pages. So, I set out to publish a blog post every day for 30 days about whatever was on my mind. The posts were kinda random, but it was fine - the process is what mattered. I chose Medium.com as my arena - an exciting, new platform with a beautiful, effortless interface and built-in audience.

30 days turned into 60. 60 days turned into a year. My little blog somehow became the top single-author publication on Medium.com. I continued blogging daily for four years (or so). My subject matter shifted a few times throughout those years because the subject was always… Me.

I decided to move my blogging home from Medium to this site in the spring of 2019 as I hit the button on a creative refresh. So, in homage to those early years, I put together an archive of those four years below (with a couple of earlier posts for good measure). The formatting is a bit messy in some, but they’re readable. When I look back at some of these, I cringe. But in regards to others, I smile. It’s weird being a writer looking back at your past selves in text form.

There’s over 1,000 posts (closer to 1500 last I checked), so you’ll have enough to get you through a sleepless night or two. Thanks for being here.