• Let's Talk Tribe-Building

  • If you have a burning desire to share your words, thoughts, and/or art online, grow your tribe, and create a body of work that matters, I can help.


    If you have no idea who I am and what I have to offer when it comes to web writing, here are the lightning bullets...


    • I've been a professional copywriter working both as a lauded free agent as well as on a team with an award-winning agency.
    • My daily Medium publication, Higher Thoughts, has gathered a growing audience of 70k+ people (many of whom I actually like).
    • I’m a ‘Top Writer’ on Medium.com in several categories including creativity, writing, spirituality, poetry, parenting, self-improvement, life lessons, and inspiration to name a few. 
    • I've contributed to many large publications such as The Huffington Post, Observer, Thought Catalog, and Daily Dot. 
    • I've contributed to several smaller blogs that I love such as No Sidebar, One Upped, The Gift of Writing, and more. 
    • I've also self-published a couple books.


    Has it been easy?


    Am I the biggest thing on the internet?

    Not quite.


    Has it been the most fulfilling kind of work I’ve ever done?


    Can I show you how to do it?
    Well… Kinda.


    I’ll be real here… I can’t do it for you. I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the kind of success I’ve had (but who knows, you may even go far beyond what I’ve done – hopefully so!).


    What I do know is that clear, bold, authentic human connection is one of the most powerful skill sets out there today when it comes to gathering your tribe.


    I really believe that every passionate brand, business, artist, and solopreneur should build an online presence. Yes, audio and video are fantastic. But it all starts with the writing. There's just something about the written word that cannot be overlooked when it comes to building a solid body of work, both personally and professionally.


    But it helps a ton to know how to navigate the waters of writing on the web.


    I have more than a few fundamentals under my hat that can at least put you a few steps ahead of those who may not be privy.


    But that’s just the technical aspect of this craft…


    What really holds most people back is fear.


    Many people are scared on several levels… Scared to speak their truth. Scared of ridicule. Scared to write a headline that doesn’t sound like every other clickbait headline out there today. Scared to write powerfully and embrace vulnerability.


    I help you dance with that fear.

    I call you to your highest self and hold you to it.


    Not only that, there are several creativity-boosting exercises and principles I’ve employed over the years to keep my idea muscle strong and my words flowing.

  • How this looks

    Our work together will start with 4 hour long sessions every week or two (via Zoom) and unlimited email coaching for one-off questions that come up between calls. If you'd like to continue further after that, we'll talk about it towards the end of the initial 4.


    The full price for the 4-session program is $475.


    I don't have a curriculum because everyone is different. If I had a curriculum, this would be called a 'class' or a 'workshop'. This is neither. This is coaching and coaching is customized.


    Sorry, I got a little worked up there...


    If you click the big orange button below, you can set up a free 30-minute consultation should there be room. I’d love to hear your story and see if I can help. If so, we’ll set up a program that works for you and hit the ground running.