• I invite you to a soul-shifting conversation...

    I’m not here to change you. I’m here to help you be more comfortable being you. Because that's true transformation. When nothing has to change, but everything becomes drastically different.


    My job is to hear your story without judgment and call you back to your innate well-being and wisdom no matter how far out of alignment with it you think you are.


    Maybe you've been 'successful' in the widely known sense of the word. But you may have realized, all that success doesn't amount to much if you can't be you. Unabashedly you. The you that was there before anyone else told you who to be.


    I’m here to create a safe, candid space for you to speak your raw truth and lovingly guide you into the next chapter - the next volume - of your life. To point you back towards your own inner guidance system that flows forth from within you. To be detached enough from your life so as to provide a heightened perspective and catch glimpses of the deeper, wiser you that resides in and wants to express through you.


    This is the life of never-ending expansion that you were born for. Not a kind of expansion from ego, but expansion beyond ego. An expansion that leaves you feeling alive, not drained. An expansion that comes from surrender, not hustle. Living from this space requires a bit of an adjustment, but we'll get there together.


    Because I know that there is an authentic life waiting for you free from the limited trajectory of our cultural norms and whatever conditions you’ve found yourself in.


    This is the work we’ll do together. It's not for the faint of heart. But it might be for you.


    Jonas has been counseling me for the last two months. When I reached out to him, I was unhappy with the direction of my life and felt frustrated. I wasn’t sure of what he could do for me, but I was willing to try. I had read his blogs for a long time and trusted him.


    I can honestly say that our work together has been some of the most transformational times of my life. He is both gentle and strong in his approach. He’s both practical and SUPER wise. His teachings are based on a higher power, but he doesn’t proselytize. He’s become my most trusted mentor. I would highly recommend working with Jonas. He’s the thinking person’s spirit guide.



    - Jane Hwangbo

    Jonas has one of the most tender hearts I've met coupled with a wicked sense of humor. I invite you to take a moment and set up a discovery session with him. Give yourself the gift of outrageous support along with fostering greater intimacy with your inner being. Your soul will thank you and life will take on a richer and fuller experience.


    - Marsha Craig

  • "How is this different than standard life coaching?"

    Don’t get me wrong, I love life coaches. I just go deeper than the typical goal-setting, accountability-buddying life coach.


    I don’t prescribe tools, techniques, or strategies. Instead, I point you toward the wisdom and intuition that lies within you. My process is more intuitive and leads to transformation. Not just change.


    Plus, most life coaches don't pray with you. I think they're missing out.


  • "Are you a therapist?"

    Nope. Not in any shape or fashion. And I don’t even play one on TV.


    If you’re in need of therapy from a licensed professional mental health therapist, I’m not your guy.


    But if you’re in a place where you’re spiritually congested, mentally/creatively stuck, or you just want to maintain that deep sense of amazingness you’ve been feeling lately, I’d love to hang out with you.


  • "Okay, I love this. What are the next steps?"

    First thing’s first… I’d love to learn a bit about you (and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of questions for me).


    At the bottom of this page (and you probably saw the one above) is a big button to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. When you click it, you’ll be taken to a calendar booking link that includes a short questionnaire.


    See this as a two-way interview to make sure we’re a good fit and talk about our work together in more detail. Please know I'm not a salesman and won't pull any high-pressure nonsense on you during this call. It's just a chat between you and I about this ever-important work.

    "Great, then what?"

    If all goes well in the consultation, we'll schedule out some days and start the work.


    I start every client with an intensive that includes four 1-hour phone/video calls with email support in between.


    I do this 4-session intensive for a few reasons…


    One, because I don’t want either of us locked into any kind of long-term agreement from the get-go. Also, because 4 sessions are usually what it takes to start seeing results of this work in your life. Finally, I like to take this time up front to teach the basic spiritual principles that underlie the human experience. There's nothing dogmatic about it. I didn't make this stuff up. But once you get the grasp of your spiritual nature and how it works, all else becomes possible.


    Price of the 4-session intensive: $475


    Okay, enough from me. If you’ve read this far, you probably want to stop pondering and start acting. So now’s your chance.


    Click the big button below to answer a few questions and schedule your free consultation. There are no shenanigans or high-pressure nonsense in this call. I promise. Just a chat to see if we're a good fit.


    I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet you and help you thrive in this life.