• Walk with me back home to yourself...

    I'm a spiritual advisor and transformative coach who helps people from all over the world, of different backgrounds, professions, and walks of life, all of whom have the following in common…


    They've accomplished much in their lives and consider themselves high-functioning people. But after all of their accomplishments, they feel there's... more.


    They want to go deeper and find more meaning. They want to mature into the next chapter of their lives, dampen their anxiety, and be happier at home in themselves before this life passes them by. But they don't want to sacrifice what they've built.


    Here's the thing... The things that have brought you material success in life will only limit you going forward. The rules of the spirit are totally opposite to the rules of the ego. But there is a balance.


    In spirit, there's truly nowhere else you need to go. There's nobody else you need to be. You're already there. You're home. This is in direct opposition to the laws of ego that tell us that you must go out and accomplish something.


    Our work together will bring things into balance where you can enjoy what you've accomplished in life while deepening into a more meaningful, fulfilling place (where the really magical stuff happens).


    Well, friend, I'm so glad you're here.


    As you may know, I'm on the pathway to ministry and currently serve as the assistant minister in-training at Cityside Church in Chicago, IL. An essential part of this path is spiritual coaching & counseling. Some ministers bypass this step and dive straight into the books, writing sermons, etc.


    But for me, I wonder, what good is this? If spirituality can't be applied, what's the point?


    Seeing real, lasting, transformative change in the lives of working, breathing, feeling, warm-blooded, divinely human individuals never ceases to amaze me.


    I’m not here to fix what isn’t broken (you). I'm here to call you back to spirit - back to your innate well-being, wisdom, and freedom of mind - no matter how far out of alignment with it you think you are.


    When you see more about what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience, you naturally move through life like... Yourself. And that changes everything.


    Whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at-home dad, a professional hockey player, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a high school sophomore, or a high-level executive, (or any variation of those) this work applies to you.


  • "What's your process?"

    As far as my process in working with clients, it’s so simple that it's almost embarrassing:


    I have transformative conversations with them.


    That's it.

    No, not pub/coffee shop conversations (that's what your friends are for).


    But deep ones.

    Meaningful ones.

    Transformative ones.


    There are no workbooks. No pie charts. And no pyrotechnics. Sometimes I’ll draw a picture to represent things, but that's about as fancy as I get.


    I provide a series of deeper conversations about how we humans experience our lives and how a simple understanding of the spiritual principles of this experience can open us up to much more. We dialogue, ask questions, and share stories just like humans have been doing for millennia.


    If you’re like me, the most meaningful moments in your life have been pivotal conversations.


    This is what I make space for when we meet.


    "Why you?"

    Here are a few ways my private coaching program may be unique to others...


    • I walk you by the hand back home to yourself. Our conversation is based on the understanding of spiritual principles in the context of YOUR life. Not in some vague, abstract, dummies guide. 
    • This is about more than just getting from point A to B. Many coaches base their work on just this. But spiritual coaching is about creating the space for transformation to take place on the way to point B. It's funny how often point B totally changes under that perspective.
    • I provide continual support during our time together. Our calls will be weekly (or sometimes every other week, depending on your schedule), but in between, feel free to email me for one-off questions, etc.
    • This is my life path, not just a way to make a few bucks. Some coaches do their work purely for the money. I get it. We all do what we have to do. No disrespect for what they're doing. But I didn't just get a $25 certificate for an online 'Life Coach' certificate. Spiritual Advising is an integral part of my wider mission as a minister. This work isn't going away for me. I'm committed.


    "Are you a therapist?"

    Nope. Not in any shape or fashion. And I don’t even play one on TV.


    If you’re in need of therapy from a licensed professional mental health therapist, I’m not your guy.


    But if you’re in a place where you’re spiritually congested, mentally/creatively stuck, or you just want to maintain that deep sense of amazingness you’ve been feeling lately, I’d love to hang out with you.



    Spiritual deepening is the only way

    to real, lasting, transformative change.

  • "Okay, I love this. What are the next steps?"

    First thing’s first… I’d love to learn a bit about you (and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of questions for me).


    At the bottom of this page (and you probably saw the one above) is a big button to schedule a free 30-minute intro meeting. When you click it, you’ll be taken to a calendar booking link that includes a short questionnaire.


    See this as a two-way interview to make sure we’re a good fit and talk about our work together in more detail.

    "Wait, how much is this?"

    Oh, right. Here’s how I do this…


    I always start people with a 4-session intensive.


    My goal in this intensive is to retrain you to think from an inside-out creative perspective as opposed to an outside-in ego-based perspective.


    This intensive includes four 1-hour phone/video calls. We’ll get together every week or two (we’ll set a schedule that works for you) and you can email me at any time in-between for one-off questions, etc.


    I do this 4-session intensive for a couple reasons…


    One, because I don’t want either of us locked into any kind of long-term agreement from the get-go. Also, because 4 sessions are usually what it takes to start seeing results of this work in your life.


    Price of the 4-session intensive: $475


    Okay, enough from me. If you’ve read this far, you probably want to stop pondering and start acting. So now’s your chance.


    Click the big button below to answer a few questions and schedule your free intro meeting.


    I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet you and help you align with your innate wisdom, creativity, and wellbeing.


    P.S. I also do blog-specific coaching for people looking to share a message and find their tribe in an authentic fashion. Click here to explore my blog mentoring program.