• Private Coaching

    A customized experience to get you living your most mindfully creative life...

  • What this work is all about...

    You can think of the kind of coaching I do as a burrito of mindfulness, life, and creative coaching. Our work together will involve deep personal inquiry, candid human conversation, and journaling.


    When I say 'creative', I'm not talking about any one thing like painting, dancing, or fire eating. These are all expressions of creativity, not creativity itself. I'm speaking more broadly here. I see creativity as an innate thing that makes us human.


    Anyone can benefit from living a more mindful, creative life. This is why the work I do with the grieving widower is just as effective as the work I do with the budding author. Or the struggling college student. Or the overworked CEO.


    In today's noisy world, it's easy to get caught up in the chaos that comes at us from every angle. We currently live amidst a 24/7/365 news cycle where every headline is more alerting than the last. Social media has us on a hamster wheel of notifications and unrealistic expectations. We're being marketed to more than ever.


    You get it.


    Our work together is designed to settle your mind and put you back in a nice feeling state where you can thrive. When your mind stills and you're in the flow state, your innate creative nature shines through and your best work appears before you. Solutions show up from nowhere and insight lights your footsteps along the way. You go through the highs in life more gratefully and the lows more gracefully.


    This is the magic I look forward to sharing with you.

  • Our time together will consist of three things...

    1. Deep personal inquiry
    2. Open, honest, non-judging, and candid human conversation 
    3. An ongoing discussion about the creative nature of the mind
    4. Intentional therapeutic journaling
    Since we’ve been living in caves, scribbling on stone tablets, and huddling around a campfire munching on saber-toothed tiger, these tools - writing, talking, and contemplating - have been those which we humans have used to grow, heal, and connect. As simple as they are, they’re about as time-tested as it gets.

    Dusting off that journal...

    More and more people seem to be getting into journaling, but I'm afraid that we'll soon have a mass grave of empty journals.


    I get it. We buy that compilation of beautiful Field Notes journals, we write a couple entries, and BAM - SQUIRREL! The journal just sits there and collects dust.


    I've come to learn and share a form of journaling that's more intentional than the typical 'Dear Diary' stuff we typically go to. Through working with me, you'll be buying into a practice that will keep your pen moving. You'll go to your journal with a mission knowing exactly where to start instead of a vague sense of, "I should be doing something else..."


    If you're not a writer...

    I'll customize our work together to fit your life...


    Although you may not propose to be a writer, the words you use in life are just as important as the food you eat. As a wise person once told me, "We think we live in the world. We think we live in a set of circumstances, but we don't. We live in our conversations about the world and our conversations about the circumstances."


    Words run your life. Through writing those words down over time, you get to see them plainly on the page in front of you. You get to see how transient they are. You get to cross them out, edit them, re-write them, even burn them.


    The words flying through your head all day are creating your experience. Our work together will allow you to harness those words. You'll understand their place and you'll take control of the pen. That is invaluable whether you write professionally or not.

    If you're a writer...

    (Again, like above) I'll customize our work together to fit your life...


    Your journal is your place to play. When most every writer I work with comes to see me, I notice that almost all of their writing is designed to go out into the world. But here's the thing... Constant public scrutiny kills creativity.


    We need a quiet, safe, uncensored place to express. A private setting to experiment and free flow without caring about whether or not our words will go viral (or whatever the external goal may be).


    Bodybuilders and weightlifters have the gym. Martial artists have the dojo. Musicians have their garages. Dancers have the empty studio.


    But writers are all about high-frequency publishing these days. I believe this is why so much of the writing today (especially online) is lame.


    Our work together will be your dedicated time to play. To connect to your authentic voice without fear of scrutiny. I'll get you on a regular diet of inner reflection and raw self-expression. This is where the gains come when it comes to your writing 'out there'. Trust me, I know this from experience.

  • Kind words from fellow travelers...


    Jonas has been counseling me for the last two months. When I reached out to him, I was unhappy with the direction of my life and felt frustrated. I wasn’t sure of what he could do for me, but I was willing to try. I had read his blogs for a long time and trusted him.


    I can honestly say that our work together has been some of the most transformational times of my life. He is both gentle and strong in his approach. He’s both practical and SUPER wise. His teachings are based on a higher power, but he doesn’t proselytize. He’s become my most trusted mentor. I would highly recommend working with Jonas. He’s the thinking person’s spirit guide.



    - Jane Hwangbo

    A week ago, I sat with Jonas and ran through some introspective writing exercises. I'd tried diaries before and I have to say, each time was boring and short-lived. In the week since Jonas’ exercises, I’ve written something every evening but one. More than this though, I've tapped into clarity and truth. Not the "truth" I grew up hearing. Not the "truth" someone else wants me to hear. But MY clarity and truth. And, if what I write comes out as total BS, then no one else ever has to see it and I can turn the page and start fresh.

    - Jay Northup

    Jonas has one of the most tender hearts I've met coupled with a wicked sense of humor. I invite you to take a moment and set up a discovery session with him. Give yourself the gift of outrageous support along with fostering greater intimacy with your inner being. Your soul will thank you and life will take on a richer and fuller experience.


    - Marsha Craig

  • "How much does this cost?"

    I start every client with a simple package of four 1-hour phone/video calls with email support in between.


    I do this 4-session package for several reasons…

    • I don’t want either of us locked into any kind of long-term agreement from the get-go.
    • Four sessions are usually what it takes to get more comfortable working together and to start seeing results of this work in your life. 
    • In our first few sessions, there are a lot of tools I'll share with you to get you equipped for this journey. 
    • I like to have a thorough conversation up front about the creative nature of the mind. This way, your newfound creativity can be applied to your life. 
    After this 4-session package, we'll chat to see if we should continue on and how that might work best for you.


    Price of the 4-session package: $475


    "Great, how do I get the ball rolling?"

    If you’re thinking of working with me, the first step is to schedule a discovery session to make sure we're a good fit for each other. See it as a no-pressure two-way interview (trust me, I'm not a salesman).


    This kind of work isn't for everyone, so I like to chat personally with all who are interested to ensure this will be worthwhile for both of us.


    Below, you'll find a big-ole' orange button where you can schedule this. We'll chat for 20-30 minutes. We'll keep it light and ask any questions we feel compelled to ask (yes, I'll likely have some for you as well). And who knows - we may wind up working together.


    Okay, enough from me. If you’ve read this far, you probably want to stop pondering and start acting. So now’s your chance.


    Click the button below and you'll be taken to a calendar booking page followed by a quick questionnaire to schedule your free discovery session. Again, no shenanigans or high-pressure nonsense will happen in this call. I promise. Just a chat to see if we're a good fit.


    I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet you and help you realize your creative superpowers.

    Oh, one more thing: Care to make this a group occasion?

    One of my favorite things is teaching mindful journaling to groups. I work with groups as small as couples to bachelor parties (yep, you read that right) all the way up to corporate retreats. If you lead a team of any sort and you'd like to experience the creative bonding magic that a mindful journal workshop provides, click here to learn more about having me facilitate it.