• Your personalized power statement

    Make me your personal inspirational scribe.

    Yeah, those quotes on Instagram are nice. They elicit good, warm vibes inside. And then they're gone.


    I want to write you a power statement that's personalized. One that takes the context of your life and translates your truth in a way that sticks.


    Think of it as a personal affirmation on steroids.


    If I had to name my creative superpower, I’d say that it’s writing short double espresso shots of deeper inspiration that are relevant and grounded.


    That's why I started doing these commissioned Personalized Proclamations.


    Because nothing sounds more awesome to me than being your personal inspirational scribe.

    Writing these started off as an experiment and have quickly grown into some of my most powerful work.


    The concept is straightforward...

    • You tell me who you are and what you're up against.
    • I meditate on it and write a short-but-powerful first-person proclamation that you can read out loud during your morning ritual over coffee (or whiskey —if you roll like that).

    When you read a proclamation written by someone (like me) outside of the story in your head who can speak from a higher, more expansive perspective, it has an impact.


    If you were to do this daily for a week or two, methinks your days would start on an entirely different footing.


    And after a month, I’d bet that some old patterns would have been rerouted in a more life-affirming and creative direction.


    See it as a digital talisman, if you will, to keep on your phone, print out and tape on your mirror, glue to your laptop, and whatever else you have to do to remind you of your truth.

    "I sit here in awe reading this. Jonas gave my soul a voice. Every statement rings true in the most gentle, loving, and supportive way."


    - Dawn Pogue

    Examples, please...

    Below, you’ll see one that I wrote for someone who doesn’t consider himself as spiritual. He’s a 28-year-old web developer who has a ‘Type-A’ boss and is stressed to the max at work and needs to chill out or else he’s going to internally combust…​

    Here’s one more… I wrote it for someone who considers herself spiritual. She’d just broken up with her boyfriend and was suffering the pangs of separation and loneliness (yes, we all know how ‘dat goes…)​

    Of course, you can keep yours digital. But you can also print it out and frame it. Here's a photo someone sent me of theirs...

    'Yes, I want mine...'

    Great! The process is simple...


    1. The price is $60. Click the big orange button below (or here) to pay via PayPal.

    2. Within 2 business days (and sometimes 2 business hours), I'll email you a submission form/questionnaire. I need to know who I’m writing to and what area of your life you’re looking for inspiration in (specifics are fantastic).

    3. The time it takes me to get yours done will depend on demand (first-come, first-serve). As soon as I’m finished, I’ll email you a graphic image (.png) and a .pdf of your proclamation.


    4. You'll write to me and tell me how/if you like it (this is optional, but I thrive on feedback, so please let me know your thoughts).


    No, I haven't hired an army of bots to sling these out for me (I looked on Craigslist and couldn't find any bots that matched my required skill level). I do each one myself and take them seriously.


    I look forward to being your personal inspirational scribe...


    P.S. This also makes an excellent gift idea if you know anyone in need of an inspirational pick-me-up of sorts:)