• Let's Chat

    A completely random (but effective) conversation

    No curriculum. No structure.

    No boundaries.

    If you're reading this, it means you've likely read/heard something I've written/spoken about, so I'll take it you're familiar with my work and resonate with what I have to say.


    Maybe you've read something I've written and said to yourself, "You know what, I'd love to hop on a call or four with him and have a deeper chat about it. He has a neat perspective that I'd like to hear more of."


    (Because I know you use the word, 'neat' a lot.)


    Since I talk about a variety of things, I wanted to offer something that's more open-ended (unlike my more specific coaching programs).

      Here are a few reasons we might be able to chat...


      • You like what I have to say about creative work and want to talk further about birthing a creative project - either a work of art or a business - of your own.
      • You like accountability. Because accountability is awesome. 
      • You like what I have to say about being a dad, so you want to talk further about that. (No, I will never tell you how to be a parent since I'm totally still an amateur. But an outside perspective is always nice and we dads have to stick together.) 
      • You like my perspective about spirituality and want to deepen your spiritual practice in a practical way. 
      • You like what I have to say about surrender and could use some help loosening your death grip on your life/work so that you can enjoy it more.
      • You like what I have to say about self-expression and could use help putting more of your soul into your work.
      • You like what I have to say about hygge and creating a living space based on connection and contentment, so you want to talk further about how you might be able to do that.

      As I said, whatever we chat about is up to you. If I think I can provide more perspective in the context of your life, we'll jump on a call (or four) and chat.


      I'm not going to even try to embellish this thing. No, I probably won't...


      • Make you a millionaire/billionaire/trillionaire
      • Make everyone in your life like you and approve of you
      • Make your partner stop being such a jackass
      • Make you lose that dadbod (I have a healthy one myself)
      • Make you achieve total enlightenment
      • Erase every doubt you've ever had about your life and work


      (Although, I'm not ruling any of these out, either.)


      Also know that I am NOT a licensed counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I don't even play one on TV. If you have severe depression or marital issues, I am NOT your guy. You need real help from a trained professional.


      (However, I might be a refreshing supplement to that professional. Just throwing that out there.)


      Essentially, I want to help you get where you're going, creatively, in both life and work. However I can do that, in whatever context, you let me know.


      So let's have fun with this.

      Jane Hwangbo

      When I reached out to Jonas, I was unhappy with the direction of my life and felt frustrated. I wasn’t sure of what he could do for me, but I was willing to try. I had read his blogs for a long time and trusted him.


      I can honestly say that our work together has been some of the most transformational times of my life. He is both gentle and strong in his approach. He’s both practical and SUPER wise.


      He’s become my most trusted mentor. I would highly recommend working with Jonas. He’s the thinking person’s spirit guide.


      Pretty simple, investment-wise...


      Single 45-minute Chat: $89

      Package of Four 45-minute Chats: $330


      How to move forward

      Here are the steps for moving forward...


      1. Select how many conversations you'd like to purchase below and pay via PayPal.
      2. Within two business days of receiving payment, I'll send you a quick questionnaire (to learn more about who you are what you'd like to chat about) a booking link, and a Zoom link for our video chat. 

      Please know that I may not be available right away (or, maybe I will be). So if this is an urgent thing, I'd think twice about booking. Really depends on your availability and mine matching up.


      And that's it! I'll get out of your way now. Looking forward to meeting you and having a deeper conversation about... Whatever you want!