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  • HEY, I'M JONAS...


    An author, coach, spiritual advisor, and minister-in-training. I'm dedicated to demystifying the mystical and bringing the sacred to the secular so you can experience the usefulness of spirituality.

  • There's nowhere else you need to be...

    My work is devoted to reacquainting you

    with your innate spiritual grounding

    so you can feel more at home in your skin

    and thrive in your human experience.

  • Work With Me

    A couple ways we can do this...

    Spiritual Coaching

    Ready to walk with me back home to yourself...

    You've accomplished much in your life. But you've reached a point where you feel the urge to stop striving and start thriving.


    Through our work together, you'll deepen your spiritual grounding and get acquainted with your innate wisdom, well-being, clarity, and overall natural born awesomeness.


    Whether you're an executive, an athlete, a stay-at-home parent, a student (or any variety of these and more) you can benefit.


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    Blog (Medium) Mentoring

    Ready to spread your message authentically...

    A big part of my passion is in helping others share their words in a bold way online. For this, there's no better platform than Medium.com - a powerful blogging platform that's helped me connect with my growing tribe of 65k+ people and build a body of work that matters.


    From technical aspects of blogging on to the soft skills like defining your mission, tackling your fear, etc., we'll cover it in this program.


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    In this free email Course (and accompanying bite-sized ebook), get an introduction into the spiritual principles behind our everyday human experience

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