• Make me your hired gun

    You have goals. Business goals (particularly the ones around profits). And you need to reach them.


    Words. Matter.


    As important as design is (and it is), your words are what ultimately moves your prospect to buy, share, subscribe, or whatever action you need them to take.


    If your reader is confused, overwhelmed, disinterested, or if their bullshit detector is triggered, they're gone.


    Perhaps it's time to consider bringing me in to do the heavy word-crafting for you (or to train you/your crew on how to do it in-house).


    I specialize in writing copy that's simple and clear (without being boring) and that sells unabashedly (without being obnoxious).


    My job is to make your words jump off the digital page and lovingly grab your readers by the shoulders so you can sell more stuff in a genuine way to people you actually like.


    I'm not your average wordsmith/creative writer. I've been trained and battle-tested in the scientific art of direct response copywriting. This timeless craft is a proven form of writing that sells (ideas and things) in a boldly genuine fashion.


    My expertise is in email marketing. This is the number one place to enter the ongoing conversation that's going on in your prospect's head and stay there for awhile.


    Quality copywriting is an investment. Although it's not cheap, the ROI is typically very high.


    If you'd like to see some of my past work, click here for a quick portfolio.


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    (Trust me... I don't do high-pressure sales and I turn down more work than I take. This is strictly to see if we're a good fit.)

    "Jonas' copy hits readers in the hearts and gets them to take action... Amazing how much his wordcraft has increased my bottom line..."

    - David G. - Client

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