• Let's make this a group thing

    Give the gift of creativity to your company or group

  • Creative deepening through journaling is the perfect group experience...

    I know, that's a bold statement, but it's true.


    Under the right guidance, a creative journaling workshop can be a remarkable soul-opening and connection-inducing experience. When we journal together, we're given space to grow both individually and together at the same time.


    Since we all sit in this vulnerable setting and no one person is there to 'fix' anyone, it places us all on equal ground. We become more self-aware and grow creatively together.


    When your group does this, they access their innate, creative superpowers.


    Whether you're a supervisor, founder, leader, or just a really good friend, who wouldn't benefit from fostering this in those who surround them? By investing in your group's natural born creativity, you invest in something that pays for itself many times over in a multitude of ways.


    • Friendships grow in depth and richness
    • Emotional intelligence deepens
    • Work teams discover each other's humanity (and come up with crazy good ideas)
    • Couples discover themselves while discovering the other
    • Opposing groups come together and find solidarity in their humanity
    • Creative teams unite and take on a life of their own
    • And more...
  • Kind words from fellow travelers

    Although conventional therapy can be quite effective, I have found, through Jonas's creative workshop, that writing can be just as eye-opening and therapeutic. His insightful journaling prompts led a group of mere acquaintances to share some of their deepest thoughts and fears within a 10-minute span. It goes deep! Jonas' thoughtfulness and careful choice of topics created a very comfortable environment in which to dig deep, open up and share in a non-judgmental space. Whether your goal is to simply get rid of that writer's block or to go so far as to try to tackle those deep-seated childhood traumas, I would highly recommend a creative workshop with Jonas!


    - Tessa Dee Miller; Owner @The Nest in Reno, NV

    It was so great to hang out and write with Jonas. His journaling session was the highlight of the weekend for me and I'm so grateful to have had his guidance through that process. As shocking as it was to open up in that setting, I have to say, it was completely cathartic in ways I never imagined. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    - Michael Tragash; Community Manager @Yelp in Reno, NV

  • I'm Jonas Ellison, your trusty creativity guide

    I'm Jonas Ellison. My job as your creativity guide is to be the steward and keeper of this safe space. To serve you and your group by curating the environment where people feel comfortable enough to (1) go deep (2) test their edges enough to foster their growth. To encourage and inspire them to lay down their creative inhibitions, their illusory perfectionism, and their social masks for a short while as we enter this occasion.


    I set a strong intention of celebrating our humanity together, not to 'get better' or 'improve' (we do plenty of this on our own time). A journaling workshop is an escape into ourselves while being in the presence of fellow travelers in this human experience.


    I work with groups and teams across the board from bachelor parties (yep, you read that right), company/group retreats (or even in the conference room), bowling leagues (okay, not yet, actually), couples retreats, and just about any setting where people gather.


    If this sounds like it's something you'd like to discuss, please reach out below.


    I look forward to working with you and your group.