• Common-Sense Cancellation/Postponement Policy

    When someone asks to book a Copy Fest with me, I'm always pumped—but I don't always say "yes."


    Sometimes, I get the sense that by hiring me, they'd be putting themselves into a sticky financial situation. And sometimes, it just doesn't feel like a good match, intuitively speaking.


    But when I do give it the go-ahead, I mean it.


    When you make your first payment, that's my cue to block out your date—and send other people packing.


    I start brewing and meditating on your world, exploring your digital footprints & social media presence, having dog-walking and shower-taking epiphanies for you, and obsessing over your business while I'm on the train.


    I invest in you—just like you invest in yourself, by investing in me.


    And that's why, with exception of natural disasters and (of course) illness & grief-stricken situations, I don't offer refunds for Copy Fest cancellations—which, thankfully, are tremendously infrequent.


    If you need to reschedule your session date, we can do that. This works both ways (yes, I sometimes get sick too). Try your best to give me a 3-day heads' up, I'll offer a few alternate timeslots, and we'll make it work.


    It’s common sense, really. We're both professionals here, and our time is valuable.


    That, right there, is my Common Sense Cancellation Policy.


    And I'm sticking to it.

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