• Copy Fest

    Laying a solid foundation of action-inducing web copy

    and promotional messaging

    How’d you like to get a solid foundation of slam-bangin’ customized web copywriting, promotional material, service re-positioning & story-crafting… in about a week (or so)?


    See me as the Aspirin to your copy headaches. The Pepto Bismol to your copy indigestion. The Metamucil to your copy... Nevermind. You get the point.


    Your copy shouldn’t bring strain or stress to your already-full life. This is why the Copy Fest exists. To help you get some essential elements of your messaging down in an easy, quick, exhilarating, and (dare I say) enjoyable fashion.


    Yes, it WILL take some work from you, but I’ll be doing most of the heavy handling here.


    I take everything I’ve gathered from sliding under the kitchen sinks of dozens of businesses of all shapes and sizes. I’ve worked with local adventure brands, lifestyle clothing companies, startups that have gone public, healthcare organizations, martial arts schools, and more.


    I'm the chief copywriter for an award-winning marketing agency as well as a sought-after hired-gun free agent.


    And, on the content creation side, I’ve grown a blog of my own from zero to +70,000 readers as well as having written for the likes of Huffington Post, Observer, Thought Catalog, and more.


    Writing words that move people is my jam.


    I approach each project with the notion...


    There is no one quite like you’s who do’s what you do’s.


    (My apologies - I think Dr. Seuss said it better.)


    Right now, your unique value might just exist as a deep inner-knowing in the pit of your stomach. You know this thing you have to offer is awesome and different and worthwhile.


    My job is to bring that thing out onto the digital page in a bold way.


    This is what we’ll accomplish during our short (but powerful) time together.


    Although you WILL be getting a strong dose of sizzling hot copy that sells your thang, to go a level or two deeper, you’ll be getting something even better...


    Ultimately, you’ll get crystal clear about what you have to offer and how exactly you best serve your clients, customers, and prospects - your tribe.


    Having that clarity gives you the confidence to talk about your business in a calm and centered, albeit lucid and powerful way.


    This will require a bit of stamina on your end (and a lot on my end, but it’s okay, I’m a trained expert). We’re gonna cuss. And we’re gonna break some of the most well-known marketing rules.


    But when our time together is coming to a close (more on the process in a few seconds), you’ll have a sizable weapons chest of words to use on your website, social media, print marketing, blog, bathroom stall in the local Applebees - anywhere you want.

    Who is this for (and not for)?

    Great, let's talk about you. You're a small(ish) independent business owner or creative entrepreneur. I'm talking coaches, bakers, writers, bloggers, authorpreneurs, butchers, personal trainers, healers, woodworkers, videographers, photographers, chainsaw jugglers, artists, trainers, advisors - even accountants (gulp).


    Why indy biz people? Well, to be honest, the kind of copy I write is a liiiiittle unorthodox (have you noticed?). It's personality-packed. It's not industry standard. And big brands typically like stuff that's safe. Lukewarm. (They have that luxury.)


    But the indy biz person is hungry. Her heart is in it more than her ego is.


    She needs to kick a damn dent in the door of her market, not just skate by.


    She needs to draw a line in the sand and stand out. She needs to say, "This is who my work is for," and more importantly, "This is who my work is NOT for."


    (Kinda like I'm doing now...)


    And that's really terrifying. But it's okay. Because I've done this a hundred times and it's the only way to do it at this level.

    "Jonas had an amazing knack for capturing the essence of my message and giving my voice to copy that reads like a good story. His work meets the highest professional standards while relating with warmth to the reader."

    Bill Koch - Leadership Coach

    A play-by-play of the experience

    Kickoff: Day One

    • A 90-minute recorded storytelling & self-promotion lightning storm session (via phone or Zoom). I interview you and get to know you and your business in a deep way.

    Day Two

    • We'll jump on another Zoom call (this one only takes about an hour). This is our chance to cover follow-up questions and just basically check in. You can tell me anything new that has come to mind, and whatever else needs to be said.
    • I'll continue to work on the copy throughout the next 3-5 days.

    About a week later

    • You’ll get an email from me with links to the Google Docs of 3-5 essential elements of copy along with audio recordings of our convos.
    • You'll make a peculiar "Squee" noise that you kinda hope nobody heard but also kinda don't care. 
    • We can book a quick optional 30-minute chat to discuss the implementation of the copy and to wrap things up. 
    • You'll get go-get-em encouragement via email support for one week post-session, to get you through any aftershocks that might occur.

    "I highly recommend Jonas for all your copywriting needs! He was brilliant from interviewing me to capturing the essence of who I am and my work in words. It was fun to read what he wrote because I thought, 'Hey, I want to be that guy!' Not only was it so good, it also was focused on serving my clients. Jonas is a real talent, and I have no doubt my work will grow from investing in his expertise.

    Rev. Mark Anthony Lord


    You’ll invest $900 for the package — $450 upon booking (to secure your date), $450 a few days before we jam (to seal the deal).


    Curious about my Common-Sense Cancellation Policy? Read it right here.

    And, for transparency sake, before I close this letter to you...

    What you WON’T be getting

    As awesome as the Copy Fest is (if I do say so myself), there are a couple things that don’t come with the ticket price...

    • Endless edits. Yes, you and I will collaborate a lot during our few days together (as well as the optional follow-up meeting and email support for the week following). But beyond that, we’ll be entering a new project (which we can talk about at that point if you’d like).
    • An extensive library of copy. It really depends on the size of your business. Maybe 3-5 strong elements of copy is all you need. But if you need more than that, we'll have to chat about a new project. What's great is, once we do this, any further work together will have a solid foundation and I'll be super familiar with your business. 
    • The extinction of your monkey-minded perfectionism. In all likelihood, after some time (in some cases, a few days), your monkey mind will get stirred up (happens to all of us, trust me) and you’ll want to change everything. You shouldn’t. And I’ll coach you around this when we sit down together. But good things take time. Constantly tweaking your messaging sends weird signals to your audience (I've learned this the hard way).

    This is for those who don’t want to spend the typical 2-3 months and accompanying $5-10k (and, in some cases, more) for an extensive conversion copywriting makeover. They're willing to invest in their words, but they're also on a budget.


    That said, I don’t know anywhere else that you can get this level of care with your copy in such a short amount of time. In most cases, you will walk away with a solid foundation for your website and key promotional elements.


    But most of all, you’ll have clarity.

    You’ll have the root of it done and ready to share with the world.

    In just a few days.


    And you can go about your business and do the work you love with a clear head.

    (And, if all goes well, you'll be plenty busy with customers you actually enjoy.)

    Ready to lock in a date?

    Since I'm only booking a handful of these every month, my calendar fills up quickly.


    So if you want to dive in and get started, here’s how the process works.


    Step One: Click the big ole' orange button below. That will take you to a page where you can fill out a quick application/questionnaire so I can get your basic info as well as a general idea of your project.


    Step Two: If I think we're a good fit, I'll reach out via email to address any questions you may have. If you'd like to jump on a quick Zoom video chat to discuss, we can arrange that (at no cost, of course).


    Step Three: When you're ready to move forward, I'll send you a PayPal invoice for the deposit ($4oo) as well as a simple Terms & Conditions to lock in our kickoff date.


    Step Four: When that's settled, we’ll get it on the calendar, and I’ll send you instructions from there.


    Step Five: I'll knock out a strong body of killer copy for ya in right around a week.

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