• Damn Good Conversations

    No curriculum. No structure. No boundaries.

    'Damn good conversations' is a mashup of coaching, mentorship, and kinship.


    It's you and I crafting a vision and having some damn good conversations around you, your life, your soul, and your work.


    This is me offering you as much customized insight as I can muster. I offer this as a more open-ended 'creative' conversation than my more specific classes and workshops.


    In today's world, our work and our personal lives blur together. It's complex. There are many variables that play into this thing.

      Just a few of the many reasons that you and I can chat...

      • You want to birth a creative project - either a body of work or a business - of your own.
      • You need help with copywriting, content, and email marketing that your people actually enjoy reading.
      • You want to start applying spiritual principles to your life/work. (Example: Yes, forgiveness can free up your headspace so you can do your best work while improving your relationship at home with your family.)
      • You want to start and maintain a journaling practice. 
      • You could use help putting more of your individual fingerprint and soul into your work/brand.

      Or maybe it's a mashup of a few of these things with something new thrown in. We might start in one place and flow to the next and eventually end up somewhere totally new.


      Yes, there will be some coaching involved. Yes, we can set goals. Yes, I can offer accountability. Yes, I can ask probing questions. But our conversation will be so much more interesting than that.


      The point is - we're going to work on your inner-game in an area of life that's meaningful to you. I want to help you craft a vision and step into something new and interesting and...

      We'll see where it takes us.


      Hopefully, it'll be transformative. If not, we'll be sure to have some laughs and bring some things to light that were in the dark before.


      I'm not going to even try to embellish this thing. No, I probably won't...


      • Make you a millionaire/billionaire/trillionaire
      • Make everyone in your life like you and approve of you
      • Make your partner stop being such a jackass
      • Make you lose that dadbod (I have a healthy one myself)
      • Make you achieve total enlightenment
      • Erase every doubt you've ever had about your life and work


      (Although, I'm not ruling any of these out, either.)


      When I reached out to Jonas, I was unhappy with the direction of my life and felt frustrated. I wasn’t sure of what he could do for me, but I was willing to try. I had read his blogs for a long time and trusted him.


      I can honestly say that our work together has been some of the most transformational times of my life. He is both gentle and strong in his approach. He’s both practical and SUPER wise.


      He’s become my most trusted mentor. I would highly recommend working with Jonas. He’s the thinking person’s spirit guide.


      - Jane Hwangbo

      Personally, I needed someone with whom I could share my ideas and thoughts and receive an honest feedback vs. the typical "coach approach" that operates mostly through questions. In this sense, I love the way Jonas conducts our conversations and the informality of our sessions. I also appreciate the flexibility in switching from one topic to another during one session.

      In some aspects, I see Jonas as someone who I can look up to and learn from but at the same time someone who shares my values and ways of looking at the world.

      His high sense of spirituality is key for me. Last but not least, I love his facilitated meditations/prayers. I don't have many people in my life with whom I can connect to the depth that I can reach with Jonas.


      - Valeriano Donzelli

      Please know that I am NOT a licensed counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I don't even play one on TV. If you have severe depression or deep-seated marital issues, I am NOT your guy. You need real help from a trained professional.


      (However, I might be a refreshing supplement to that professional. Just throwing that out there.)


      Essentially, I want to help you get where you're going, creatively, in both life and work. However I can do that, in whatever context, you let me know.


      So let's have fun with this.


      Pretty simple, investment-wise...


      Package of Four 1-Hour Chats: $500


      Why four? I've learned that four is a good starter. It gives us enough time to tell if this thing is worth our while without locking us into a long-term thing right off the bat. If, after our initial four, you'd like to continue, we can discuss at the time an arrangement that will work best.

      How to move forward

      Here are the simple steps for moving forward...


      1. The first step is getting to know each other and making sure this is a good fit. Click the big orange button below to book a 30-minute discovery session (you'll also be prompted to answer a quick questionnaire to give me a basic rundown of who you are, what you're looking to accomplish, etc.). This is a no-pressure call. I don't do sales tactics (but I may pour on the charm - just sayin').
      2. If we hit it off and decide to work together, I'll email you the PayPal invoice right away. As soon as you handle that, I'll email you a booking link to schedule our first call (via phone or Zoom).
      3. On our first call, we'll get the other dates on the calendar. 
      4. After each call, I'll send you a short email with useful links, etc., as well as important points of our conversation.
      5. Between calls, I'll be available via email support.
      6. After our four conversations, if you'd like to continue on, we'll talk further about how best that fits into your world.


      And that's it! I'll get out of your way now. Looking forward to meeting you and having a deeper conversation about... Whatever you want!