• Best of

    Higher Thoughts

    Season One

  • I’m excited (understatement of the year) to say that Higher Thoughts is now in book form.

    Yes. A physical, hardcover book that can grace your bookshelf, nightstand, coffee table, or bathroom reading basket (you do have one of those, right?).


    I hand-picked 41 (because 40 wasn’t quite enough) of my favorite essays from season one of this publication (April 1, 2015 — April 1, 2016), editing them for readability sake. The book spans 164 pages and I purposefully formatted the text into tighter columns than usual with a slightly bigger font than you may be used to seeing. I want your eyes to be relaxed while you’re reading this. Relaxed eyes open up the pathways from eye to brain to soul, and I want these words to seep in as effortlessly as possible.


    It’s totally curated, edited, designed, formatted, uploaded, and distributed by yours truly via Blurb Books — a wonderful platform for first-time indy publishers like myself.


    Please keep in mind this is print-on-demand. You must allow 5 business days for printing (plus shipping).


    I hope you’ll pick up a copy for yourself and maybe one for a friend or three. Also, please spread this post around to anyone you think may be interested. Even if they don’t buy the book, maybe they’ll enjoy the daily content available here, gratis.


    In closing, thanks sooooo much for supporting me and this publication. It truly is a labor of love and without you, I’d be writing in my journal in a dark room.


    As Ever,