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You, me, and your copy...

Okay, first, I need to spell out who this is for so as to not waste anyone's time (because you have far better things to do than go down the rabbit hole of something that doesn't best serve you)...

This thing (which you'll find out about in a hot minute) is for independent business builders and owners who need words that work so they can sell more stuff/ideas without losing their soul. (Because no one wants obnoxious copy that only attracts the desperate while triggering the BS detectors of quality buyers, thusly sending them packing.)

When I say indy-biz people, I'm talking about coaches, bakers, butchers, woodworkers, videographers, photographers, freelancers, authorpreneurs, artists, trainers, advisors - even (gulp) accountants.

Why indy biz people? Well, to be honest, the kind of copy I write is a little unorthodox. It's personality-packed. It's not industry standard. And big corporate brands typically like stuff that's safe, lukewarm, and jargon-laden. (They have that luxury.)

But the indy biz person is hungry. Her heart is in it more than her ego is. She needs to kick a damn dent in the door of her market, not just skate by. She needs to draw a line in the sand and stand out. She needs to say, "This is who my work is for," and more importantly, "This is who my work is NOT for."

And that's really terrifying. But it's okay. Because I've done this a hundred times and it's the only way to do it at this level.

Okay, I'm done with my rant. If you're still reading, you probably want to see what I'm talking about. So here it is, friends. I introduce to you (drumroll, please) the 2-Day Copy Fest...

Check it out. Think about it. Talk it over with whoever you talk these things out with. And I hope to do some important work with you soon.

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