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Where great things never come from

Yesterday, I was on the L (Chicago's equivalent of the New York subway, but an elevated one). I waited on the platform, jumped on, sat down, and the first thing I did (you guessed it) was whip out my phone and scroll through Instagram.

Now, if you happen to follow me on Instagram, you might know how big of a no-no this was for me if you noticed that I posted this the other day announcing that I was taking a break from it.

(It's really hard quitting cold turkey. Plus, I had to spy on my friends. It only makes sense, right?)

Anyhow, after realizing how big of a hypocrite I was being, I put my phone away and... Sat there.

What's really bizarre is, in that moment, I realized that I was the only one on that car - out of about 20 people - who wasn't currently looking at a phone. Every single one else was scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. From teenager to super senior - all were transfixed.

After the shock of that wore off, I settled in and zoned out. I did nothing. I just sat there and allowed myself to be bored. And lonely. And it was awesome.

Like, we SHOULD be able to feel that a bit, right? But we don't because we always distract ourselves with the busyness and faux usefulness of social media.

Now, here's the awesome part...

After the boredom turned to a calm, peaceful feeling - BAM. Two blog post ideas came into my head. I gave myself permission to use my phone once again, only for the amount of time it took to write them down on my Note app.

When I had them down, my phone went back in my pocket, and the rest of the ride home I just sat there.

I breathed. I pondered. And I did everything else we humans do when we're just... Sitting there.

Like, have epiphanies. And process stuff that needed to be processed from earlier in the week.

I'm not sure about you, but when I'm scrolling through social media, my thoughts go something like this...


Oooh, I want that!

Why do I suck so much? That guy is SO successful now.

Wow, look at their cabin.

The world is going to end.

I can't believe what that guy said to her.

I could go on. Essentially, on that train ride home, I realized...

Great things never come from scrolling through social media.

Now, I don't want to sound all high and mighty. I do see some virtue in it. Right now, I miss my Instagram world in particular.

I don't miss Facebook at all. Not even a little.

But Instagram has a soft place in my heart. Plus, I pretty much have my feed full of #cabinporn, so it's very relaxing and beautiful to look at. But I always found myself wishing I had a cabin like THAT one. And THAT one. And...

Anyhow... It's incredible how much headspace I have room for since I've opened up the part that's been long filled with mindless, unconscious, and non-intentional social media.

Should you care to join me - if even a little bit - you can use this post as an excuse. You might just get some real work done in far less time and not feel so pressured to be the coolest kid on your social media block.

And if you need your web copy written by yours truly, you can head below to free up even more mental space.

But if not, I wish you the best as you enjoy - as I did - just... Sitting there:)

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