Just a quick heads up...

From here on out, my emails won't be archived on the blog for public viewing until a couple weeks later. Some may show up on Higher Thoughts, my Medium publication, but never on the same day.

This means that the only way to see them fresh is through subscribing via email.

Subscribers first. This is my new rule.

This is a good takeaway if you happen to do any kind of email marketing...

Your email list is where your real tribe lives.

Not Facebook. Not Medium. Not Instagram. Not YouTube.

These are great broadcasting channels, but a majority of these people don't love you. Spend more of your time with those who do.

Your subscribers have given you permission to engage with them via the sacred digital space of their email inbox.

This is a big 'hells-yes' towards your most meaningful work. It's a relationship based on trust. These people are the lifeblood of your business.

The marketing gurus can talk 'traffic' all day. But everyone outside of your subscribership is just lookie-loos. And business isn't driven by lookie-loos. It's driven by those who care.

Just like you do.

Thanks for being here. If you know of anyone who'd like exclusive daily missives on writing, business, creativity, and life, forward them this post and they can subscribe below.

Until next time, be well.

As Ever,

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