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Something special brewing for business owners

"This seems so much easier than it actually is."

I've heard this line oodles of times (yes, 'oodles') over the years when sitting down to help people write their web copy.

Maybe you can identify...

Have you ever tried to write your own copy? Promotional emails? Things of the like?...

Or maybe you’ve tried to hire it out only to see the value of what you do crushed, templated, and rendered unoriginal.

(Yes, a lot of copywriters just use the same templates over and over again - that’s how they can charge so little.)

Because that's when it strikes you...

Explaining what you do in a way that moves your audience to take action is damn hard.

The good news is: I have something in the works for you that will finally put an end to this excruciating process.

And, if you're an email subscriber, you’ll get early access and a bangin' discount (just sign up below).

Because 2018 is the year that your messaging worries vanish. You deserve copy that sells your stuff in a bold way without stealing your soul (because nobody wants THAT kind of copy).

Keep an eye out for the details over the next couple days.

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