Seth Godin is my Yoda, so there's a lot I admire about the guy, but the thing that has always aptly impressed me is his tagline. (Yes, you're a total nerd if you envy other people's taglines)...

Go, start something.

One action statement. Three words. The epitome of brilliance in simplicity.

What's so impressive is that EVERYTHING that guy does is driven by that tagline.

Every keynote. Every book. Every blog post (which he's been posting daily for over a decade). Every interview. Every workshop.

You can tie all of it back to that one line. He's telling you to go start something.

Even when he goes a bit rogue and talks about mindfulness, Buddhism, and personal development...

It's still designed to get you to go and start something.

I've not achieved the master level of Seth yet. That one palpable, unifying mission is still yet to be determined.

So for now, I've come up with a four-part tagline.

I share this with you, one, to get your feedback (whattdya think?).

Secondly, I share this with you to give you a reason to unsubscribe if you don't see the value in it.

And finally, to encourage you to try to do this yourself. Clarity in purpose brings decisive action.

So, in 2018, I aim to help indy business owners and builders...

1. Write boldly
Not sure if you noticed, but there's alotta content out there today. The internet life is requiring more and more from us. But it's not just quantity that matters. Yes, quantity is a great way to get good at it, for sure. But it's not like there's some required word count for our business. What matters is that your words land with a thud. They have meaning, depth, and impact. Everything else is just noise.

2. Create Freely
Templates might be okay for getting started, but they must be abandoned ASAP. You need to play. You need to consciously test the boundaries of your thing. You need private time to free-flow. Shipping and pressing 'publish' is a fantastic virtue and habit, but you must re-fill the creative well by giving yourself space to create without the pressure of results.

3. Sell Courageously
I don't know why it's taken me this long to really get this. As a copywriter, my job is to sell. I can do this fine for others. But things get emotionally messy when it comes to selling my stuff. It feels evil. However, if you're in business, this is an all-out requirement. And if you're creating great stuff that lights you up and makes the world even an iota of a better/more interesting place - you should be selling like your life depends on it (because it kinda does). This is a biggie for me in 2018.

4. Live Truly
This is what it all boils down to, friends. No matter how good we get at our craft, no matter how much the sales curve hockey-sticks up and to the right, none of it matters if we hate life. This is why spirituality and mindfulness matter so much to me. If we're burned-out, anxious, insecure, angry, unhealthy, resentful people - might as well work at the liquor store, right? At least it's chill there with less required hours and a steady paycheck (yes, I've seen far happier liquor store attendants than some entrepreneurs I've been around). So read poetry. Dive into more fiction (this one's for me). Have a life apart from your business. Your joy matters. It's what resonates.

And that's it. My four-part mission for 2018. Do you dig it? Not so much? What's yours for 2018?

Oh, and of course, if you need help with #1 and #3, you should check out my Two-Day Copy Fest to let me get your words working for you. Learn more right here...

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