• If you’re looking for help sharing your message and connecting authentically to an audience, I can help.

    Since May of 2015, my daily Medium publication, Higher Thoughts, has gathered a growing audience of 65k+ people (many of whom I actually like).


    Has it been easy?


    Has it been the most fulfilling kind of work I’ve ever done?


    Can I show you how to do it?
    Well… Kinda.


    I’ll be real here… I can’t do it for you. I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the kind of success I’ve had with it (but who knows, you may even go far beyond what I’ve done – hopefully so!).


    What I do know is that Medium is the most powerful tool out there today when it comes to gathering your tribe around the written word.


    I really believe that every passionate brand, business, artist, and solopreneur should build a Medium presence. You can showcase your enthusiasm and highlight your skills in a beautiful way in front of a huge audience of people who care. If you put out good work that connects with them, they’ll find you. This is the power of Medium.


    But it helps a ton to know how to use it and navigate its waters.


    As for my personal experience with Medium and my professional background in branding/marketing, I have a few fundamentals under my hat that can at least put you a few steps ahead of those who may not be privy.


    But that’s just the technical aspect of this thing…


    What really holds most people back from a genuine, successful blog is fear.


    Many people are scared on several levels… Scared to speak their truth. Scared of ridicule. Scared to write a headline that doesn’t sound like every other click-bait headline out there today. Scared to write powerfully and vulnerably.


    I help you dance with that fear. I call you to your highest self and hold you to it.


    Not only that, there’s several creativity-boosting exercises and principles I’ve employed over the years to keep my idea muscle strong and my words flowing.


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  • I’ve been there. I’m not just selling the thing, I’ve done the thing.



    I’m a ‘Top Writer’ on Medium.com in several categories including creativity, writing, self-improvement, life lessons, and inspiration to name a few (check out the spiffy badge they gave me…)


    That said, I’d love to consult with you 1-on-1. I’m not cheap (although I'm not astronomical either), but I have a trusted track record and I know that what I’ve learned will be valuable for you if you’re up for the task.Add paragraph text here.

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  • Blog (Medium) Mentorship Program

    I like to start with a 4-week program. If students would like to continue further, that’s done on a case-by-case basis. The 4-week coaching program consists of weekly 1-hour calls (via Zoom) and unlimited email coaching for one-off questions that come up during that time. We’ll customize it for your needs, but here’s the general rundown of the 4-week curriculum:

    Week 1: Your mission & the craft of writing for the web

    • Narrowing down your mission
    • Determining your principles
    • Building trust, drip by drip
    • Finding your voice
    • Creating a profile that speaks to your reader
    • Talking about genuine shareability
    • Misc. Medium Inspiration

    Week 2: Finishing up with the craft of writing for the web

    • Useful online tools
    • Web writing mechanisms
    • Formatting hacks
    • The use of images/gif's
    • Writing CTA's (calls to action)
    • The use of tags

    Week 3: Publications

    • Contributing to large publications
    • Starting a publication of your own
    • Thew two circles of influence
    • Headlines, headlines, headlines

    Week 4: Higher Level Miscellany/Open Q&A

    • Idea generation
    • Integrating your work with a mailing list
    • How to handle conversations/responses on Medium
    • Open Q&A

    As far as price, I typically charge $250/hour for one-off consulting sessions. But since this is a longer-term relationship, the full price for the 4-week program is $475.


    If you click the big orange button below, you can set up a free 30-minute intro meeting should there be room. I’d love to hear your story and see if I can help. If so, we’ll set up a program that works for you and hit the ground running.

  • Let's chat...

    Click below to book a free 30-min intro session to see if we're a good fit for each other