• Hey there, I'm Jonas. And that's my kid, on the right (your right). She's a bit bigger now, but not much else has changed.


    A few years ago, I started a daily blog about life and faith over at Medium.com. Somehow, it caught on and grew into the biggest single-author publication on the site with a readership of over 70,000 people (way more than I can fit into my living room).


    My words have also been featured in the Huffington Post, New York Observer, Thought Catalog, The Mission, Daily Dot, Good Men Project, Fizzle, and more.

    Some random personal stuff and a disclaimer

    First, the disclaimer:


    Please know that everything I say is likely complete bosh and is merely my way of seeing it at the moment I click ‘publish’. I am not a trained and monitored authority, merely a rogue layman with a platform and a strong opinion.


    I post daily (at least, more-daily-than-not) and have been doing it for almost four years (over 1300 posts at the time of writing this in the winter of 2018). So, yes, there are definitely contradictions and discrepancies in my work. Again, testimonies and confessions, not facts here, friends.


    Now for the personal randomness...

    • I drink unhealthy amounts of espresso and dark roast coffee. 
    • I'm one of these people who's too liberal for conservatives and too conservative for liberals in both religion and politics, so it's hard for me to find friends (but I can also get along with either, within reason). 
    • I like open fires, German beer, indy bluegrass, and good company. 
    • I can't call myself a philosopher, but I am philosophical (yes, there is a difference).
    • I was raised Catholic. In my twenties, I deconstructed and went hardcore SBNR (spiritual-but-not-religious). 
    • During my late-thirties, I had a re-awakening. That’s when traditional liturgy, the sacraments, grace, recognizing a force bigger than me, and the Jesus understanding called me back to the Christian faith from a new post-critical perspective.
    • Today, I call myself a progressive Lutheran with contemplative tendencies. I’m both spiritual AND religious.
    • Instead of self-help, my work resembles self-helplessness; not in a defeatist way, but in a liberating way. Because it’s only when we realize how little help we can offer ourselves that we open ourselves to help from all of life itself. This is what I call spiritual self-helplessness — the emptying of the self and the acceptance and extension of God’s grace.
    • My faith is more contemplative and mystical than it is Biblical. This means I put the lived experience of the divine and how she shows up in the world and the people around me before I put any ideology or doctrine.

    • My faith is based on grace, not personal development. We all are born installed with a human propensity to f*ck things up. To harden our hearts and turn in on ourselves and others (sorry, no Tony Robbins seminar can stop this). All of us have this, not just the ‘bad kids’. However, in our source code is something that ties us to a profoundly mysterious and loving force far bigger than our small personal selves (let’s call it God). Grace is how we describe the action of God swooping in, softening our hearts, and resurrecting us.

    • I'll be entering Lutheran seminary in a year (yes, at the ripe age of 40) and hope to come out the other side as a Lutheran pastor. We’ll see how it plays out as it seems utterly ridiculous and unrealistic as I type this (which means I should definitely follow through with it)


    These days, my wife and I live in Chicago, IL with our perfectly-behaved 5-year-old daughter and impeccably-trained terrier mutt, Dagny (okay, maybe I'm embellishing a little there). You can often find us hanging out and trying to take over the world from our home office.

    Now, back to you...

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    So, there you have it. Thanks for swinging by. I look forward to continuing this conversation in your inbox soon.

    "I truly love everything you post... It’s a rare thing for me to find that in any one author, but you have a knack for getting it right almost every time!"

    - Amber L.

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