• My Name is Jonas

    Yes, like the Weezer song...

  • What I love doing most is demystifying the mystical and bringing the sacred to the secular so people can see the usefulness in spirituality...

    But enough, for now, about big-picture stuff. You probably want to know what I do.


    Like many of us in today’s world, my life is multi-faceted. I really wish I could say I just do one thing, but that would be impossible.


    The best way to lay this out to you is in segments…

    Soul Stuff

    Currently, I’m on the pathway to ministry in the New Thought (formerly known as ‘Religious Science’) tradition and serve as assistant founding minister in-training at Cityside Church in Chicago, IL. This is a down-to-earth non-denominational interfaith tradition that gleans insights from many world religions and philosophies to help people live deeper, more meaningful lives.


    As for my area of focus, I'm fascinated by Christian mysticism, but I've dabbled in many spiritual traditions from around the world.


    A big part of this path to ministry is spiritual coaching where we work with people 1-on-1 to give them a spiritual perspective of their lives so they can reconnect to their innate well-being, creativity, and wisdom within. I share a profoundly simple, common sense understanding that helps people find solutions for what ails them more simply and accurately.
    When you see more about what it means to be a spiritual being living a human experience, you naturally have a different experience of life.


    Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, pro athlete, performer, stay at home parent, maker, student, or any variation of these, you can benefit.


    This work has nothing to do with religion, dogma, or doctrine. I work with both the deeply religious and the non-religious.

    Creative Stuff

    I’m also a long-time writing/blogging coach. I’ve contributed to a number of large publications such as The Huffington Post, The Observer, The Daily Dot, and more.


    Sharing my passion online has changed my life and connected me to a growing tribe of 65k+ people who are as weird as I am through my daily blog at Medium.com titled Higher Thoughts - one of the most visited spirituality/mindfulness publications on the site.


    I’m a ‘Top Writer’ in several categories including creativity, writing, poetry, love, parenting, self-improvement, life lessons, and inspiration to name a few (see, they even gave me a spiffy badge…)

  • On a more personal note...

    Some random factoids about me

    I have a deep background in martial arts and earned my black belt in Aikido in 2009. I even lived in the dojo for some time as an uchi deschi (live-in apprentice). Here’s me moments before getting punched in the face…


  • I’ve cut my own hair with a Flowbee for the last 15 years. Yes, I've perfected the art.


    I lost my parents early-on to cancer and grew up around a lot of poverty and dysfunction. As much as this likens me to Bruce Wayne, I also realize I need to stay as healthy as possible. As with many of us who tend to delve in the spirituality/personal development world, this early rough start is probably where a lot of my drive comes from. I’ve tasted the bitter. Now, the sweet tastes a heck of a lot better.


    I used to be a golf professional. When I was a kid, golf was my place of solitude to get away from the madness at home. Just me and the little white ball on a sprawling field of carefully manicured grass. Our local course had a fantastic junior program and it was basically free to hang out all day during the summer (which I did). I eventually got into the business before getting burned out many years later.


    Here I am trying to hit a sail boat (don't worry: no one was injured here as my ball landed a good 500 yards short of the target).

  • I'm partially of Danish descent and am an enthusiast and practitioner of Hygge - a lifestyle based on the defining characteristics of the Danish culture, namely comfort, connection, and contentment. To me, Hygge is a great name for what arises when we live from the space within where spirit lives. When we find ourselves here more often, we can't help but spread that special sauce into our environment and social surroundings.


    Nine years ago, I married a girl and moved with her to Chicago where she finished up school. We moved back home a couple years later and had a little girl.


    Today, we're back in Chicago where we drink too much coffee, watch Gilmore Girls reruns, and try to take over the world from our laptops.

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    Thanks again for swinging by and reading my story. Hope to connect somehow soon.


    As Ever,


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