• About Jonas

    Hey there, I'm Jonas. And that's my kid. She's a bit bigger now, but not much has changed.


    Like you, it's really hard to put what I do and who I am in the confines of a single webpage. But I'm always up for a challenge. As for what I do...


    I'm an almost-40-year-old dad who writes for fun and profit.


    I've long been a professional creative copywriter and brand storyteller. It's my day job, and I love my work. I started as a free agent back in 2010. After a few years of freelancing, I went on to become the Chief Copywriter at an award-winning digital branding agency owned by a couple saucy and talented friends of mine.


    Probably the thing I'm proudest about is my blog - Cricket Hill (previously known as Higher Thoughts), which is currently the #1 single-author publication on Medium.com. It's where I write about life. And love. And work. And play. And faith. And doubt. And whatever else comes up along the way. A lot of it is about my thoughts and musings as I go through interfaith theology school, so if you find that kind of thing repulsive, it's probably not for you. But I hope you'll check it out.

    "It's hard to find a writer with as much goddamned soul as Jonas."

    Ash Ambirge, Founder of The Middle Finger Project

    You can also find my words in the Huffington Post, New York Observer, Thought Catalog, The Mission, Daily Dot, Good Men Project, Fizzle, and more.

    Some random personal stuff

    Because who doesn't like personal randomness, right?...


    I drink unhealthy amounts of espresso. I'm just not feeling most craft coffee nowadays. It tastes like raisins. But espresso (and certain select dark roasts)? Yes. With Oatly oat milk, indeed.


    I like open fires, German beer, and good company. I like deep conversations and am always wondering what the score to the Cubs game is. I used to be a golf professional and still play whenever I can. I'm a black belt in Aikido (although, I haven't trained for almost five years; right now, I'm raising a kiddo, so that takes precedence).


    I don't think I can call myself a philosopher, but I am philosophical. (Yes, there's a difference.)


    I'm currently studying to get my certificate of Divinity in Interfaith Ministry with a focus in contemplative Christianity. I was raised Catholic and although it definitely has its issues, my family and I go to the Catholic church that I can reach with a pitching wedge from my rooftop (yes, I've done it).


    I find spirituality, mysticism, theology, and philosophy fascinating. I don't think I'll ever want to run an actual c-h-u-r-c-h (and I definitely won't be signing up for priesthood soon). Maybe freelance ministry someday? I dunno, we'll see.


    These days, my wife and I live in Chicago, IL with our perfectly-behaved 4-year-old daughter and impeccably-trained terrier mutt, Dagny (okay, maybe I'm embellishing a little there). You can often find us hanging out and trying to take over the world from our home office.

    Now, back to you...

    To follow my work, your best bet is to subscribe for free to my email list where I share my musings, mutterings, and meditations once or twice a week. They’re typically short. A lot of people like them, and I think you might too.

    So, there you have it. Thanks for swinging by. I look forward to continuing this conversation in your inbox soon.

    "I truly love everything you post... It’s a rare thing for me to find that in any one author, but you have a knack for getting it right almost every time!"

    - Amber L.