• About Jonas



    My name is Jonas (yes, like the Weezer song), but most people accidentally call me Jonah, Jason, Josh, or Jebediah (no kidding, I actually got that once).


    I've been a professional web copywriter for six years and a daily blogger for about three. My writing has been featured in places like The Huffington Post, Observer, The Daily Dot, No Sidebar, and more.


    I write my whimsical life musings down on my blog, Higher Thoughts, a top Medium publication with a growing audience of 70k people.


    When I'm not writing, I really enjoy helping fellow creatives get out of the predominantly individualistic #hustle mindset and into more of a surrendered, lighthearted (dare I say, spiritual) posture to do their best work without the overrated stress and angst that so many professional creatives are stricken with.


    I moonlight as an interfaith minister-in-training at Cityside church in Chicago, IL, because, why not? Gotta keep life interesting, right? Concurrently, I'm attending divinity school at Emerson Theological Institute. I never finished college, so I'm making up for lost time.




    I love espresso, good acoustic music, golf, graph paper, Gilmore Girls reruns (we actually named our daughter after Rory on the show) and open fires.


    I love both the city life as well as escaping back home to the Sierras to smell the pine trees and catch a sunset or two over Lake Tahoe when the opportunity arises.


    I've had the same haircut for 20 years. I cut it myself. With a Flowbee. It took me about a year of bad self-haircuts to get it right, but it's been smooth sailing since then.


    My favorite time of day is the hour before the sun comes up.


    I love people but need to recharge alone.


    I used to be a golf professional (the working kind, not the kind you see on TV), so if you need a ringer, I'm your guy.


    I lost my mom to cancer at 16 and grew up around a lot of poverty and addiction. I lost my dad to cancer 6 months before my daughter was born. Today, I'm eternally grateful for the lessons death has taught me.


    In 2009, I earned my black belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido. I even lived in the dojo for some time as an Uchi-deshi (live-in apprentice). Here’s me moments before getting punched in the face…

    I planned on opening a dojo of my own but life got in the way. Maybe someday.


    I met the girl of my dreams in 2008. We dated long-distance for a couple years and I ended up marrying her. Now we have a little girl and live in Chicago where we drink too much espresso and try to take over the world from our little home office.

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