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I’m a writer based out of Reno, NV.

By day, I consult and write personality-driven copy for soulful brands, businesses, and individuals, helping them bring verve and clarity into their messaging. I also write paid custom commissioned pieces for people/teams seeking a new perspective or a motivational boot in the ass.

Welcome to my digital home. Every day, I post to my powerful little Medium publication, Higher Thoughts. Since May, 2015, it’s grown to 12,000+ readers and has been translated in 4 languages… Which is pretty neat.

As for subject matter, I write about whatever occurs to me at the time, but if I had to pick a trend, my main topic is exploring how to live a better life and be a better person. I wonder, think, ponder, pontificate and contradict myself about the same stuff you probably do, only I do it publicly. I try to talk about the stuff that I wish more blogs would talk about: life, death, dealing with asshats, creativity, spirituality, self-awareness, philosophy, and (sometimes) soulful marketing. I try my best to write about these things in a thoughtful and practical way, not click-baity and Buzzfeedy (although, who doesn’t love Buzzfeed?).

I contribute to a slew of publications including The Huffington Post, The New York Observer, No Sidebar, The Gift of Writing and The Daily Dot.

On any given Sunday, you might find me watching Gilmore Girls with my wife (we even named our daughter Rory, after Rory Gilmore) or chasing a little white ball around a grassy field wielding a blunt object with an angry look on my face.

Aaaand that’s about it. I hope my words and ruminations connect with you.

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Oh, just to end this on a soft and mushy (and, yes, cheesy) note, here’s me and my kid (and my favorite shirt)…


As Ever,

Jonas Ellison
Reno, NV

P.S. Any way I can help you? Feel like saying hi? Get at me here.