Do You Know That You Know?

A Simple Lesson for Idea Peddlers and Thought Workers Straight From the Line (Also published on Medium here). I’m not a big fan of labels, but I've recently been playing with mine and have assigned myself — copywriter and content … [Read more]

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Freelance Life For Me

This is weird. I’m at a place that I’ve been wanting to be ever since I started working a j-o-b when I was 18. As of February 6th, I’ll be abandoning my post at Patagonia and taking my freelance content marketing gig full-time… Here’s a quick … [Read more]

Live Your Truth – A Review

And now for my video debut on this site! About a month ago, I did a quick video review of my friend, Kamal Ravikant's new book, Live Your Truth and posted it on Amazon as a review. It's taken me a while to post here, but now you have it. Kamal is as … [Read more]