An invitation to share your amazing thoughts

Reno, NV

first of all, a mighty powerful thank you to Claire De Boer and crew over at The Gift of Writing who posted my guest post about what soul writing (journaling) has taught me about being a man today.

and a hearty hi-ho to anyone who has found my blog via that post. welcome to you!!

i know Claire has a rowdy, irreverently beautiful group of readers who’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic (it’s kind of a polarizing topic – men, socially speaking, don’t journal – it’s just not “manly”). so head on over there if ya don’t mind and add your two or three cents to the comments. love to see ya there.

if you do, throw a link in the comments section below here to your comment there so we can all see it.

thanks much! hope you enjoy the post:)

as ever,