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Judging by my vocation, you may think that this site is chock full of copywriting and content marketing “tips”. Not to disappoint you, but plenty of other people already do that on a far more extensive level than I can ever hope to do.

Here, you’ll find my chronicles… My meditations. I try to keep them relevant to marketing and copywriting. But mostly…

This is my campfire.

My safe haven. A place where I can connect with you on a more human level than with a barrage of list posts. I encourage my clients to publish content that’s raw, human, clear, and concise – so this is my attempt to follow my own advice.

This is my digital pillow to scream into (at times). A place to share some laughs (usually at my expense)… To point out the quirkiness, beauty, and delicacy of the human condition. And whatever else comes up.

Most posts here are merely notes. Brief, 30-second nuggets of love from yours truly.

I promise not to blather incomprehensibly into the digital abyss at the expense of your attention. Every post is designed to do one thing – connect with you on a human level – a level where we’re all one, regardless of our vocations.

I think you’ll enjoy the fact that this blog isn’t polished.

It isn’t “SEO-friendly”. I write for my readers (hi, Mom) and that’s all I care about. Not Google spiders, bots, or monkeys. This blog is my art.

So, please, enjoy. Put the pencil down. No need to take notes. You can sign up for my email list here, this way you won’t have to remember to check back. I never share your info, and you can unsubscribe any time.

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