• Midlife Seminarian | Purveyor of joy and liberation

    through spiritual self-helplessness.

    I'm a married guy who writes for a living, has a kid, and is going to seminary at age 40 to become a Lutheran pastor. I write about life and my journey on my daily blog, The Jonas Chronicles.


    My work is a little different than many in the modern spirituality/Christianity realm. Instead of "spiritual self-help", my work resembles more of a "spiritual self-helplessness"; not in a defeatist way, but in a liberating way.


    Because it’s only when we realize how little help we can offer ourselves that we open ourselves to help from God and all of life itself.


    This is what I call spiritual self-helplessness — the emptying of the self and the acceptance and extension of God’s grace.

    What I speak of here is nothing new. This message is as old as time. It just so happens that it not only survives but thrives in today's postmodern, secular, pluralistic world.


    Thanks for being here. I hope you enjoy my work.

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