• Hey there, I'm Jonas...

    To boil it down, I'm a writer. Everything else kinda falls under that leaky umbrella.
    My most important work is via my daily-ish blog, Higher Thoughts, which is currently the #1 single-author publication on Medium.com with a growing audience of 70,000 people (way more than I can fit in my living room). It's where I write about life. And work. And play. And spirituality. And love. And creativity. And whatever else comes up along the way.
    For the last six years, I've worked as a copywriter and brand storyteller. That's my main gig, if you will, and I love it.
    Besides that, I'm a dad, husband, friend, foe, speaker, fiddler, flahoolicker, and a lot of different things that aren't really relevant here.
    Come on in. Have a look around. And enjoy your time here. I hope you find what you're looking for.
  • A few ways to work with me

    Personalized Proclamations

    Get a personalized statement to meditate on over coffee every day that launches you into your life in a more powerful way.

    Damn Good Conversations

    My private mentorship program. This is you and me crafting a vision and having a series of damn good 1-on-1 conversations around it.

    Copy Fest

    You're a s-medium business owner. You want personality-driven promotional words that get sales without losing your voice. And you want it fast.