Welcome to my online home. I'm constantly making new stuff for you to dig into here. Have a look around, enjoy your time, and rock on with your beautiful self.

  • The work I do's

    Maybe I can do it with you's...

  • Transformative Conversations: Spiritual Counseling & Coaching


    Many coaches have a script or a template. They might change your life a little. Or even a lot.


    I'm into all-out transformation. I have no set curriculum because my material is... You.


    Our conversations will be candid and free of judgment. You'll talk, I'll listen, we'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll cuss, we'll pray, and you'll fly.


  • Creative depth journaling coaching

    Whether you know it or not, you are innately creative. Yes, you. Maybe not in the vocational sense, but in the human sense.


    This is a journey into your soul using the timeless tools of the pen, the journal, and candid human conversation. This is intentional journaling focused on personal growth.


    I look forward to helping you deepen creatively and expanding your awareness of self through the words that live uniquely in you.

  • Reach out

    Feeling the urge to reach out? Here's where you can do just that.